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2 lemons
4-5 tbsp caster sugar
½ tbsp rosewater
a few sprigs of mint, slightly crushed
ice cubes

Put the kettle on to boil and while you wait, juice the lemons. Put the sugar in a
small jug and pour over about a 1/4 cup of hot water, stir till dissolved. Add ice
cubes, mint, rosewater, lemon juice and enough cold water to make about 1 ltr.
Decant into a bottle with a good seal and put it in your picnic basket!

Vary the amounts according to taste; less sugar will bring out the sharpness of the lemon, more will soften it.
Some people like to strain the lemon juice through a little tea strainer to exclude seeds and pulp. I like the bits though and leave them in.


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Potato Salad

This is best if you can get some good organic spuds…
the taste is so much better organic…..

boil six medium potatoes….skin and cut them into bite size pieces…

while they are boiling
in a small frypan ..heat up one tablespoon oil and add one teaspoon black mustard seeds
cook until they have all popped…

while the potatoes are still warm add the following…
two tablespoons yogurt
one teaspoon chopped chilli
one tablespoon chopped mint
three tablespoons sour cream…

salt to taste….

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