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For Lucy Luna and Sarah Seahorse, birthday girls extraordinaire.

1 cup tapioca pearls
7 cups water

½ cups caster sugar
½ cup brown sugar
1 cup boiling water

6 tbls cocoa powder
3 tbls coconut extract
1 tbls syrup


2 cups boiling water
4 tea bags of rooibos tea


Bring water to boil and rinse pearl, when water reaches a rolling boil add the pearl and cover. Leave for 15 – 20 minutes stirring occasionally. Whilst waiting, prepare the syrup, tea and paste.
For syrup: Add both kinds of sugar to one cup of boiled water and stir till dissolved over medium heat, do not allow to boil.
For paste: Mix cocoa powder, coconut extract and a little syrup together to make a runny paste.
Prepare the tea.
Remove pearl from heat and let sit covered for 13 minutes. Rinse in warm water and drain. Pour syrup over the tapioca pearls and refrigerate till cool.
Once the tea is sufficiently steeped, refrigerate this also.

To serve:
Spoon about a tablespoon of paste into each glass and pour in a little tea, stir till dissolved. Add ice, desired amount of tapioca pearls, syrup, a shot of vodka and top with chilled tea.

Drink with a large straw.

Serves 4.

Other ideas:

There are lots of different kinds of bubble tea, I got the basic idea for this recipe (an adaption of Lucy and Angies favorite Bubble Cup flavour) from here and here.
With the addition of coffee this would really be ‘cocoa mocha nut’, but I’m just not brave enough to mix instant coffee into the paste…
You can also add agar jelly, which is simple to make. Pre-mixed packets of it can be found at most Asian grocers in a range of nifty flavours, the instructions vary depending on which one you purchase but are usually in English/Engrish.
You can also make pretend alcoholic bubble tea by mixing aloe vera juice, cubes of agar jelly, wedges of lime, some ice and the spirit of your choice. Sarah may remember this from the last time we went camping…


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